Getting married

Croydon Minster is a spectacular venue for marriages, and we look forward to welcoming you for a special day. If you live in the parish, or if you are on the electoral roll of the church, you have a right to be married here.

First you need to come to the Minster office on a Saturday morning between 10.30am and 12 noon. That's when you can discuss dates and details. There are, of course, one or two forms to fill in but it's all pretty simple.

Weddings are normally conducted on Saturdays. Other days can be arranged by agreement but it might be hard to organise a choir or bellringers. One of the couple must live in the parish.

If one of you has been married before we cannot promise to conduct a wedding until you have seen one of the priests and a copy of the Decree Absolute has been put on file.

There is a booking fee of £20 and all fees must be paid one month before the date of the wedding.


Frequently asked questions


Who needs to attend the Minster office?
The couple must attend a Minster office session together.

Do we need to live in the parish?
At least one of the couple must live in the parish of either St John the Baptist or St George or be on the Electoral Roll of one of these parishes. If neither live in the parish but still wish to be married here, marriage is possible only by:

  • The couple attending regularly, and after six months of regular attendance joining the Electoral Roll and then booking their marriage.
  • Archbishop's Special Licence which must be supported by the Vicar and is only obtainable if the couple have a very strong connection with this church.

What if I've been married before?
Talk to us and let us know. If either of the couple has been married before then no commitment will be made until the couple have seen the Vicar and we have a copy of the Decree Absolute which we will place on our files. The Vicar must sign the application form giving his consent.

What are wedding Banns? Will you announce the wedding?
Banns for a marriage taking place at the Minster are called as a matter of course. Banns are called on Sundays after the main service of the day (usually after the 10am Eucharist) and for three consecutive Sundays.  If either of the couple reside outside the parish then they must visit that church and arrange for their Banns to be read there too. (Normally we tell them this when they visit and give them the name and phone number of the other parish concerned). Banns are not required to be called if a couple are being married by Special Licence. Arrangement for calling of Banns by parishioners not being married at the Minster should be done in a Minster office session. There is a fee payable for this.

When can we be married?
Where possible, marriages are carried out on a Saturday. Other days of the week will be subject to negotiation with the Vicar, however it may be difficult to organise bells, choir and an organist at other times. A marriage service must start no later than 4.30pm.

Is there a booking fee?
When booking a marriage a deposit of £20.00 is required. This is refundable provided we are given notice of cancellation up to three months prior to the arranged date of the marriage. All fees for a marriage must be paid in full one calendar month before the date of the marriage.