Croydon Minster provides a beautiful setting for Baptisms. If you live in the parish or if you are on the electoral roll of the church you have a right to have your children Baptised here.

First you need to come to the Minster office on a Saturday morning between 10.30am and 12 noon. That's when you can discuss dates and details. There are, of course, one or two forms to fill in but it's all pretty simple.

Baptisms are usually conducted on the third Sunday of the month at 12 noon or (if a second service is needed) at 12.45pm. Normally as a rule of thumb, we Baptise 'church babies' on the third Sunday at the 10am service.

The family and the Godparents must come to a preparation session normally held at 11am on the Saturday morning before the Baptism. This is an opportunity to remind ourselves about the meaning of Baptism and the promises that will be made on the child's behalf.

Frequently asked questions

Do we have to attend the Minster for our child to be Baptised there?
The family must reside in the parish or be on the Electoral Roll and attend here fairly regularly. If they do not live in the parish but have a valid reason why they want their child Baptised here and the Vicar is supportive, then we require written permission from their own parish priest in order for us to proceed. Families from the St George's part of the parish must contact their Priest in Charge first.

Who needs to visit the Minster office?
Both parents are required to come to a Minster office session and fill in the paperwork.

Do Godparents need to be Baptised? How many can there be?
Godparents chosen for a candidate must be Baptised themselves. There can be a maximum of four, however one must be of the opposite sex to the child being Baptised.

Can I receive adult Baptism?
Adults seeking Baptism must be desirous of Confirmation and will need to speak to either the Vicar or the Senior Curate.

What are the charges?
We make no charge for Baptism.