Organ Appeal - How you can help

Please help us by sending your letters of support for the Organ appeal to the Churchwardens at Croydon Minster - e-mail

Tell us why you support our appeal - suggestions below - and your letters of support will help as we apply for grants to reach our fundraising target of £250,000.

I/We support your appeal to save this exceptionally fine historic instrument because:
- music is an integral part of the worship at Croydon Minster and the organ is at the heart of that worship and therefore the Minster's wider mission in the community;
- the organ is in use not only for weekly services but also for concerts, school founder's day services and other events, attracting people from Croydon and farther afield - for concerts and other events;
- of the importance of the Minster's William Hill Organ to the Children and young adults who sing in the Minster Choirs, many of whom are from diverse backgrounds and faiths;
- of the importance of preserving this choral heritage for these and the future generations of choristers who will benefit from the exceptional musical education and joy of singing and performing that the organ and choirs make possible;
- through your free Organ Show for Schools Programme based on the KS2 National Science Curriculum for England, you are also introducing students to the organ as a musical instrument, together with fun science experiments discovering the world of sound;
- the organ plays a pivotal role in the civic life of Croydon and takes centre stage when the town's civic community gathers for the Town Carol Service and Civic Service; and
- because the organ is becoming increasingly unstable with less than 60% of it now functioning adequately.

You can also support our appeal by making a one-off donation, through our JustGiving appeal page. This is safe, secure and every penny will contribute to the appeal.

Become a Monthly Patron by making a fixed donation of £30 (or more) for the next 24 months. Contact the Minster Office to request a Standing Order mandate. Benefits include free tickets to musical events and an invitation to a Champagne reception when the Organ restoration is complete.

Or you could Adopt a Pipe - there are well over 3,000 pipes in the Minster's Organ. Contact the minster and we will send you a special certicate and your name will be recorded in the Croydon Minster Organ Restoration Appeal Commemorative Book.

Adopt a Pipe Prices:

  • 32ft pipe - £100
  • 16ft pipe - £75
  • 8ft pipe - £50
  • 4ft pipe - £20
  • 2ft pipe - £5 - £10