Organ Show for Schools

The organ is not only a fascinating instrument - it's also full of science! At the Minster we offer free organ shows for schools, introducing students to the organ as a musical instrument, together with fun science experiments discovering the world of 'sound'. 

This show is designed for Key Stage 2 students, based on the new KS2 National Science Curriculum for England (2014). The maximum number of students per show is 30 and students need to be accompanied by at least three members of staff from the visiting school. The duration for the show is approximately 1 1/2 hours.

If you would like to book a show, please get in touch with the Director of Music, Mr Ronny Krippner:, who is very happy to discuss the details with you. Please note that shows usually take place on Thursdays as the Minster will then be shut to the general public. 


Please find below the student worksheet used for the show:



We kindly ask schools to supply enough copies of the worksheet and pens/pencils on the day.


The Minster Organ Shows are free of charge. However, should you be able to make a small donation towards the Friends of Music at Croydon Minster Fund, that would be very much appreciated. Thank-you!


"The Organ Workshop was extremely enjoyable. It was very clear and Mr Krippner explained everything he could have in an easy to understand way. I learnt so many things about the organ and the Minster that I will never see it the same way again! I highly recommend this to people of all ages because Mr Krippner did an amazing job, thank you." Georgia, Croydon Parish Church school

"I have enjoyed your workshop and I would love to do it all again. Your spectacular lesson has taught me so much (- I know that sound travels at 350m per second amazing!!). I felt included in everything you were saying. Your workshop is able to entertain all ages and I hung on your every word. I would recommend it to the whole of London." Jeremy, Croydon Parish Church School

"The lesson was extremely fun. You were very clear with instructions and your explanations. We all learnt a lot and it would be great if other schools could learn in the same way. I honestly didn't know much about organs or how sound travels but now I feel like an expert on these subjects. You did an amazing job and we had the privilege to be in your first class. It was an enjoyable lesson; I highly recommend it to all Junior and High School children." Pharrell, Croydon Parish Church School